Employment Opportunities
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Employment Opportunities

What is this site? What kind of crew are we after?

Watch the video below for details.

Please note that all current positions available will be posted on Lady Elias LLC’s Facebook Page

We are always accepting applications even if no positions are currently available.

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Expectations of All Crew

Due to the broad nature of every position on a fishing vessel, there are some basic requirements that span across all jobs.  The following are some of those expectations:

  • Tie and untie the vessel to other vessels or the dock.
  • Responsibly maintain wheel/anchor watch.
  • Operate and maintain hoists, cranes and other equipment used to load/unload product and supplies.
  • Operate and maintain safety equipment such as the skiff and life rafts.
  • Keep deck and other areas organized and clear of debris.
  • Must be able to communicate and understand visual or verbal directions over loud background noise.
  • Clean and repair nets and fishing gear.
  • Release fish into holding tanks.


This is an individual that is in good physical condition and is comfortable putting out 3 meals a day for 4-5 people in a timely matter. Cooking on a fishing vessel requires proper time management skills, cleanliness, and the ability to prepare meals quickly and efficiently.  This person will also oversee shopping for supplies and food. Extensive cooking experience is not required. However, a certain amount of creativity and sense of taste is necessary to be successful. Many of the individuals who work or have worked in the fishing industry have honed their culinary skills in the galleys of fishing vessels.


The nature of a fishing vessel requires that individuals take on multiple roles on the boat. Often however, those roles are not always clearly defined as is the case for a utility man/woman. This position requires someone who is a safe worker, physically active, in decent shape, strives to work hard, and has the ability to find what needs to be done and do it before he/she is asked. Previous boat/fishing experience is great, however equally important is the ability to learn quickly and work efficiently. Due to the dangerous nature of commercial fishing, safety takes the first priority of any job on a fishing boat. The ability to safely and efficiently work is necessary for one’s self and for the rest of the crew.  


This individual acts as the engineer for the fishing vessel in addition to preforming some deckhand duties. This individual should be detail oriented with good mechanical aptitude. Duties include repairs and maintains deck machinery, completes scheduled maintenance and monitors engine room systems. In addition, they should have the ability to think on their feet and trouble shoot issues as they arise with the Captain. Previous boat experience is a plus!

Skiff Driver

Previous experience driving a skiff or previous seining experience is REQUIRED. In addition to deckhand duties, this individual will operate the seine skiff to hold one end of purse seine in place while purse seine circles school of fish to set net.  This person needs to be able to board or exit a skiff without assistance in all weather conditions.

Deck Boss

Acts as the lead deckhand on the fishing vessel and is designated by the Captain. Working with the rest of the crew, this individual will oversee managing the deck and instructing people what to do during the day. This individual should have a good grasp of the gear, net and deck equipment.

Alternative Operator

This experienced individual will see to moving the boat around the harbor, etc. as necessary. They must first be approved by the insurance.

Seining requires us to have:

  • Cook/deckhand
  • Skiff Driver
  • Engineer
  • Deckhand/utility

Trawling requires us to have:

  • Cook/Deckhand
  • Engineer
  • Deckhand/utility

Pot Fishing requires us to have:

  • Cook/deckhand
  • Engineer
  • 2 Deckhand/Utility Positions

Seining requires us to have Cook/deckhand, Skiff Driver, Engineer and Deckhand/utility positions.

Trawling requires a Cook/deckhand, Engineer and Deckhand/utility positions.

Pot fishing requires a Cook/deckhand, Engineer and 2 Deckhand/utility positions.